I’m going to try something different in this post.  I’m going to let someone else do the talking.  Let me introduce MY FIRST GUEST BLOGGER!!  This guy is one cool cat, and just happens to be my dad (Awwww).  Give it up for Joe Maassen!
For those too young to remember or otherwise unfamiliar with Hamms Beer, the  Hamm’s Bear and the “Land of Sky Blue Waters,” four of us spent this Memorial day weekend beneath the clear blue, sun filled skies, and along the crystal clear waters of the Turtle – Flambeau Flowage in far northern Wisconsin.
Occasionally, more like rarely, the stars actually do align and this “Land of Sky Blue Waters”  comes to life for a  few days in late May.  You cannot plan for a Memorial Day weekend like this, you just stumble onto it.  And like this setting, our Memorial Day Breakfast would never have occurred if planning had interfered with chance.
Sunday evening my friend Lee and I spent a couple hours fishing.   Reports, from trusted neighbors and the people in town were similar. The Walleye were just not biting.  With that in mind we set out with low expectations. Somewhat surprisingly, er, actually because of our extraordinary fishing skills,  we were able to net three perfect eating size walleye.  Of course, an equal number, or more, dined on our minnows and swam away.  Yet those three Walleye were sufficient to set the stage for Monday’s breakfast of fresh pan fried walleye, scrambled eggs and toast.
The fish produced six very nice filets which were promptly sealed in a glad bag containing  water and small bits of ice, and placed in the refrigerator to await the morning meal.  Ah, but what about the eggs?  Nope, no eggs in the refer, and no local chicken coop nearby. Instead, a trip into town for dinner required a detour to the local Quik Trip.
What happened Monday morning is, perhaps, more surprising than a “Land of Sky Blue Waters” weekend in May, and fresh caught fish in the refrigerator.   The males, with only a smidgen of female prodding, did the cooking.  For some, perhaps many, a “so what” moment will accompany this revelation.  However, the chefs, while progressive and free thinking in many ways, have long clung to the notion that cooking is someone else’s responsibility.  For instance, it is not necessarily a rarity for either of us to settle for a glass of Jameson and a cheap cigar rather than go through the hassle of cooking.
That morning, fresh, golden brown, pan fried Walleye filets, and fluffy scrambled eggs, with or without onions, awaited our wives when they returned from a short morning walk. The meal put a large exclamation point on this “Land of Sky Blue Waters” weekend.  Oh, just in case your wondering, we also toasted all the men and women,  who in so many ways, military service, Peace Corps, American Red Cross, Americorp and on and on who serve and have served.
Preparation is largely self explanatory.  Finding the fish is why such meals are best left to chance.


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