I Am Only Friendly With Tuscan Flies

Okay.  So I needed to move that awful beef stew picture from being the first impression of swim eat run.  It’s driving me crazy.  It’s just ugly.  There are no two ways about it.  Gah.  So here is a bit of Tuscany.  That should do.

Lets talk running.  This morning’s run was…meh.  I felt gassed within the first mile and a half.  Usually the Stat Man and I can chat a bit as we get into our run.  Not the case today.  I was sucking air.  Around mile 2 we hit the Huron river.  It’s nice.  There’s a path, and sometimes geese.  But, in following suit for the day, the path was terrible.  Why, you ask?  Swarms of flies, everywhere.  Tiny little flies hovering in the middle of the path waiting to sneak attack some innocent runner.  They might have been tiny ninjas, I don’t know.  But, I spit one out, probably swallowed a few, and swiped one out of my eye.  When I got home I discovered one drowned in my cheek sweat and left its carcass next to my dimple.  Cute.

The last time I put up with this sort of fly ambush was in Montepulciano, and I was handsomely rewarded with delicious wine and scenery.  Ann Arbor, well, she’s not coughing up the same offerings.  Sigh.

Once we exited the fly scene, it was straight into the University of Michigan Arboretum.  Sounds lovely eh?  It’s nice.  It’s nice except for running straight into a mile and a half of 3-5 percent grade.  Let’s call it an uphill that I huffed and puffed and hacked my way through to make it home in 46 minutes.  Meh.  If you’re interested in a fly studded route go ahead and click here.  Map my run is the bomb.


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