Choose Your Own Adventure Leek and Potato Soup

So back to the farewell to winter stew.  Tonight is leek and potato soup.  Even though I fought those pesky little ninja flies in my underarmor and running tights it is spring in the kitchen.  I’ll just delete this morning’s 35 degree memory.  Boo-ya ninja flies.

Leek and Potato Soup

James Peterson’s Cooking

3 leeks

1 potato

3 cups broth or water



Cream or butter (optional)

Start by peeling the potato and chopping into ½ inch cubes.  Set aside.  Go find your leeks.  Cut off the leaves leaving about 1 inch of green.  Then cut off the hairy end.  Now split the leek in half by cutting down the center lengthwise.  Bring those suckers over to the sink and rinse them.  Be sure to rinse between all of the layers.  Between layers seems to be a particularly nice dirt hide-out.  The last thing you want is a skuzzy dirt broth because you didn’t rinse the layers.  After your thorough cleaning, chop the leeks (perpendicular to the layers) into small pieces.

In a pot on the stove top combine the broth, potato, and leeks.  Throw in some salt and pepper and simmer for 25 minutes or until the potatoes and leeks are soft.  Now comes the choose your own adventure finish.

Option 1

Serve it chunky and eat.  Maybe put a pat of butter on top.

Option 2

Pour the soup (in batches) into a blender.  Whir it up, strain it, and eat.

Option 2.5

Do the whole whiring and straining thing and return the strained soup to the pot.  Put it on the burner, add some heat, and cream to your taste.  Stir in the cream until it is incorporated and warm throughout the soup.  Eat it.


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